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Seamless typing from non-English US keyboard

Hi SauceLabs,

Here is a link to a help request I opened which leads me here:

To sum this up a little bit, web live testing sessions on VMs are a typing pain for my teammates and me. We use French keyboards (from Linux systems, but the problem is the same from Windows) and a lot of special characters are really tricky to enter like dashes, parenthesis or dots, and sometimes impossible.

We tested some keyboard configurations (from our local machines and/or the VM), and here are some results:

Local French to VM English US

azerty gives azerty

12345 gives !@#$%

&é"'( gives 7''9

<> gives,>

Local French to VM French PC

azerty gives qwerty

12345 gives 12345

&é"'( gives èùùç

<> gives ;/

Local English US to VM French PC

azerty gives azerty

12345 gives 12345

&é"'( gives &é"'(

<> gives ;/

As you can see, "Local English US to VM French PC" gives the best results, but is not perfect (please note I did not put all the results here). Also, on Windows VMs, the keyboard configuration is not available so this workaround is not a solution.

Of course, setting up this configuration each time we start a live testing session is really time consuming, especially when switching back and forth from our local system to the VM.

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  • Jun 3 2020
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