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Enable/Disable Location Services Capability For Browers

In some scenarios having a browser defaulted to either have location services such as geo location enabled or disabled would be extremely helpful. I know that there are already capabilities on mobile simulators in sauce to turn on/off location services, but surprised to why there are no such capabilities like this for browsers. When testing location functionality on an application it can be helpful to be in control off geo location and location services to be toggled on/off and not just merely be at the whim of whatever the browser the browser settings are defaulted to, which is not in our control. Another point is that selenium cannot reach location popups such as allow or don't allow location to be tracked and working around it can be rather difficult - safari on the other hand is always defaulted to have location services off when on sauce. You can see with the above point how having a capability for location services to be enables and disables can be a useful tool that will make the sauce labs product even better and increase customer satisfaction. Please reach out to me for questions and clarification. Thank you for your time.

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  • Sep 26 2017
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  • Anusha S commented
    16 Sep 06:17am

    Please have this feature available to set the Geoloaction in executions