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Enable sending info to clipboard on Automated testing

Currently you are able to copy and paste content through a Manual test on Sauce Labs but you are not able to do so in a Automated test.

As a user it would be great to have this feature since some aspects of a site can depend on the copy paste command to be executed successfully.

A way to do this could be by adding a "sauce: copy" javascript executor (see here) to be able to copy contents to the clipboard at will.

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  • Jun 5 2017
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  • Gary Reiss commented
    12 Nov, 2019 08:55pm

    Yes, Please! Is this in the works?

  • John Stewart commented
    15 Sep, 2017 02:17pm

    There needs to be support for either Windows Forms clipboard or System.Windows (Presentation core) clipboard. Whatever core windows functionality the user can do, they should be able to do in SauceLabs, including setting text to the clipboard and pasting from the clipboard.  

    We have an XML that needs to be set to a text entry field, using Sendkeys the string is typed one character at a time. Setting the string to clipboard and then pasting it into the field, pastes the entire XML at once, saving a whole lot of run time.

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