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Have the Sauce Labs UI be able to detect test retries, and have the build/test's status reflect if any of the retries were successful

Occasionally there are infrastructural reasons why a test breaks and I get a good result in retrying my tests on failure for a couple of times with RSpec retry.

I group my tests of one test suite as one "Build" in SauceLabs. However SauceLabs is not able to recognize that one test that failed is retried and successful in the 2nd run and therefor shows the whole suite as failed. Although it's successful for me.

It would be great, if SauceLabs is able to identify a retry of a test and only takes the last result into consideration for the build result. Or even simpler, it takes all test runs with the same name and checks, if any of them were successful.

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  • Feb 26 2020
  • Future consideration
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