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Make it obvious when a desired capability isn't set, or is incorrectly set

The idea

When a user requests a test, and does not set a desired capability like platform, make them aware that it was omitted and we've fallen back to the default.

This could take the form of an exclamation mark next to the platforms used, a status message on the job page or a separate 'improvements' section for test pages.

The reason

Currently, some desired capabilities are defaulted when a user does not provide them.  For instance, if you don't provide platform, your tests will run on Linux.

This sometimes happens because of an incorrectly configured CI plugin, a mis-spelt capability name, or because a framework does not allow for setting the platform.

This is confusing to customers, especially in the case of CI, where it appears that Sauce Labs is ignoring their requested capabilities.  Fixing this would increase transparency of Sauce Labs' behaviour and cause less customer problems and support tickets.

  • Dylan Lacey
  • Aug 5 2015
  • Future consideration
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