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WebGL Support

I have been recently tasked with following back up with SauceLabs to see the status of adding WebGL support.  One of our emerging products relies heavily on it, and has we did host physical machines in-house to run their test suite.  As we are expanding our test suite, I'm looking into a more scalable solution for this.  I wanted to check on that status of adding this support to SauceLabs.

  • Sam Coffman
  • Jul 2 2015
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  • Bryce Taylor commented
    26 Sep, 2018 03:55pm

    This is incredibly important to the project I'm working on.

  • Corrinna Rainwater commented
    20 Aug, 2018 09:03pm

    This is a blocking issue for us.

  • Bob AGILE commented
    14 Apr, 2017 08:49pm

    New mapping engines on the market such as Mapbox GL. Is going to be a big segment for you as it has a native runtime too.

  • Chiarng Lin commented
    8 Apr, 2017 02:28am

    Thanks for the sites for reference. 

    I ended up using, which seemed to provide consistent results. 

    Verified not working on 

    Chrome57 on Win7

    Chrome57 on Win8

    Chrome57 on Win8.1

    Chrome57 on Win10

    Chrome57 on 10.9

    Chrome57 on 10.10

    Chrome57 on 10.11

    Chrome57 on 10.12

    Discussing with our engineering teams, enabling this would require that we write our own custom graphics drivers for both Windows and Mac, a substantial engineering effort. We will continue to evaluate adding this to our roadmap. Thank you for the feedback! 

  • John Theodore commented
    8 Apr, 2017 01:58am

    Also try - this page implements Mapbox as a canvas element - it fails to load in Chrome.

  • CJ Winslow commented
    7 Apr, 2017 08:33pm

    Try out  or

  • Chiarng Lin commented
    6 Apr, 2017 10:25pm

    Hi Sauce Users,

    Could I please get a few examples of WebGL sites so I could do some tests? The ones that I've been testing with seem to work, so I'm trying to find an example that doesn't work. 



  • John Theodore commented
    29 Mar, 2017 11:40pm

    This is essential for our product testing as well.

  • Christopher Steel commented
    10 May, 2016 10:10am

    This is not trivial for sauceLabs as it requires 64-bit machines to run and would be quite performance heavy in lots of cases.

  • Mike Mike commented
    4 May, 2016 07:11pm

    This is essential for our product testing.

  • Teran McKinney commented
    29 Oct, 2015 06:18pm

    This is a bit niche-y, but would be very useful for us.

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