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Allow for searching of builds, not just test results

Currently there is no way to search for or filter builds. There is a builds page in the dashboard, but it has no way to filter builds by anything other than owner, and we have a very large number of tests that use a shared Pipeline account.

We have many builds that fit the form factor PR-1111-X, which would be the build for revision X of PR-1111. It would be very useful to have a simple search for matching build IDs to bring up a list of builds matching an ID pattern or tag value or something, so as to compare related builds.

As it is currently, unless it's a very recent build, the only way to find a build is to use the Archives page to search for an arbitrary test session with a matching build ID, and then click through to the build page from the test session, and that's both convoluted and requires the user to know exactly a single build ID.

  • John Maynard
  • Aug 17 2020
  • Needs review
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