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Ability to email all users under the parent account

This will allow us to provide our users with the following:

  • Notify users that renewal is coming up so they can start to think about what they need next year licence and budget wise

  • Send out information to users about standards they need to follow

  • Send out information to users about information that may affect them (non Sauce issues, but more things around the business or other IT areas)

  • Find accounts that are not in use

  • Find out where more accounts will need to be created

  • Let users know what their concurrency will be changing to (per team / group)

  • Let users know any changes that will be made to our licences e.g. we are going to add x,y,z, mobile devices next month

  • Any other general information to provide users

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  • May 5 2020
  • Future consideration
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