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Upgrade browser versions on Linux to latest

Currently, the Linux platform's browsers are on 48 (Chrome) and 45 (Firefox). These should be updated to the the latest versions to match the support with the other OSes. Testing against these outdated browsers is unrealistic as there is feature, performance and security improvements in the latest browsers, and our users will be using the latest versions. If the browsers cannot be updated due to the platform being 32-bit, then I'd also recommend upgrading to 64-bit. SeeĀ SLIDEA-I-337

  • Kishan Karunaratne
  • Oct 16 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Chris Blouch commented
    14 Feb 04:53pm

    We run some automated services with Firefox on Linux and wanted to test that combination using SauceLabs. We currently run FF 68 ESR and I was disappointed that the latest version supported on Linux is so very old. Seems like the Linux platform isn't actually supported. We're faking it for now by running our tests on OSX with FF68, but that's not actually the same. Please update Linux browser support to include some more recent browser versions.

  • Jonnathan Lacerda Santos commented
    23 Sep, 2019 06:33pm

    Unfortunately, this scenario is bad for the tool as we are limited to running tests on browsers with very old versions as it does not match the current end user scenario.

  • Pierre Ossman commented
    18 Dec, 2018 09:31am

    We at the noVNC project would very much like this. We've currently disabled the Linux tests as the browsers there are so old that they do not fulfil our minimum requirements.

  • Guest commented
    26 Feb, 2018 09:29pm

    Yes, please update firefox with linux as a capability support so I am not testing from 2015 browser versions. thanks.

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