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Browser versions "latest" and "latest-1" (and maybe -2?) as acceptable values for those versions

Similar to "dev" and "beta", it would be nice to have the latest few released browser versions accessible via these tags so that we don't need to keep updating our test job configs as new versions come out.

  • Dan DeAraujo
  • May 28 2015
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  • Jon Austen commented
    June 12, 2015 17:51

    For example, mappings of Firefox to these versions, for version 2.41.0 of Selenium :

    current - 28

    previous - 27

    currentESR  - 24

    previousESR - 17

  • Guest commented
    August 12, 2015 11:55

    AFAIK, at the moment when we skip 'version' capability, latest stable version is used rather than just latest.

    E.g., for Firefox it's bee 35.0 for a long time and that is NOT what we needed.

    So what we need is differentiated tags, i.e.

    latest - latest browser version disregarding its stability

    stable - latest stable version

    previous -  current major version -1

    previous_stable - previous stable major version

    @Jon Austen, your abbreviations (ESR) look unclear and confusing for me.

  • Jon Williams commented
    November 18, 2015 17:11

    Shouldn't be confusing. I got the versions straight from the Selenium RELEASE notes.

  • Ernest Mueller commented
    December 09, 2015 14:57

    I also would like latest, latest-1 version descriptors; as a new Sauce customer implementing a completely automated test framework with Robot et al. this remains as a point of difficulty and synchronized updates for us.

  • Dave Cadwallader commented
    January 04, 2016 23:21

    We wrote a wrapper for the Sauce browser list API called guacamole, which supports `latest`

    ./node_modules/.bin/guacamole --id=firefox_latest_OS_X_10_9_Desktop
    { browserName: 'firefox', version: '40', platform: 'OS X 10.9' }


    I just filed an issue to support n-1 and n-2 (and n-x) so we can look into implementing this as well.

  • Yaroslav Borets commented
    March 10, 2016 21:16

    The feature has been shipped and more details can be found in our blogpost.

    Let us know if you have any question. 

  • Ernest Mueller commented
    March 11, 2016 00:00

    Works great, thanks!