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Mark up the command list with explanatory glyphs

The Problem

When viewing a command in the command list (as seen at, it's not immediately apparent what the outcome of the command was.

To figure out whether an element finding command succeeded, you have to check the response value.  To check if an element was visible, you have to check the response value. Even if the response is included in the command list (as in the old UI), you still have to parse it out to figure out what happened.  It's difficult to scan quickly though the command list and see what happened in each test.

Proposed Solution

Include a glyph in certain commands, showing the result of the command.  For instance, successful element location commands could include an arrow, whereas unsuccessful commands could show a dotted arrow.  Actual errors when finding commands could show a exclamation mark.  Visible elements could be a lightbulb; Non-visible elements, a dashed lightbulb.


How this would help

Understanding what happened at a glance would be much easier.  Comparing two tests would be simpler, as would finding specific sections of a test.

This would also help customer understanding, for cases where users new to Selenium are unaware that element finds can 'fail' but not be an error, or that their tests are racing ahead and trying to interact with non-present elements.

  • Dylan Lacey
  • Oct 9 2015
  • Future consideration
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