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Better structuring of commands in command list

Right now the command list is just a plain list of commands without any structure whatsoever. This doesn't help at all when it comes to debug failing tests. Even with the search and filter features it is hard to find a certain command in that list.

We already provide the possibility to add certain context annotations to the jobs (see here). We could make more use of those contexts. Every time we kick of a test block that tests a certain thing. The test framework could create send us a context with the description of that test block. This way we would know which commands got executed in what test block. Now it gets interesting. Once we have a command list with multiple contexts in it we could start to enable to collapse and expand these contexts. Instead of a list of commands the user would see a list of contexts. When he is looking for a certain command that failed he just need to expand that context and to find it. Also we could have a select box to filter contexts.

What is a test block? Well this depends on the language you write your Selenium tests. In python it could be a test method that starts with "test_". In Node.js it would be everything that is within the "it" callback. Even if you run everything concurrently you still and up having multiple of these test blocks in one Selenium session.

The problematic of this feature is in implementing it for test frameworks. To leverage from it we need not make sure that test frameworks set contexts properly.

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  • Sep 25 2015
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