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Parameter for setting timeout for orphaned Sauce Connect tunnels

Currently, orphaned Sauce Connect tunnels will continue to exist on the Sauce Labs side for an hour.  This allows customers to suspend their machines, deal with network hiccups and the like.

When run on TravisCI, however, sometimes the build container is shut down by Travis, without the SC tunnel being terminated.  If this happens a few times inside an hour, a customer with a low concurrency can easily run out of available tunnels.

It would be helpful if this hour timeout was lowered, either automatically for TravisCI, or with an option for any customer.

(Side note, some customers reported that when this happens to them, the web tunnels page does not show running tunnels).

  • Dylan Lacey
  • Sep 21 2015
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  • Daniel Heath commented
    21 Sep, 2015 07:02am

    This affects every open source project on TravisCI pretty badly, since the concurrency is only 5 and travis kills build containers whenever a build times out.


    Tunnels from TravisCI can't be re-established once used up so there's no reason for them to live longer than 10 minutes without input.