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Auto update SauceConnect from TeamCity plugin

Right now, it seems like int order to upgrade the version of SauceConnect the TeamCity plugin uses you have to update the TeamCity plugin itself. This is a horrible waste of time for the developers and a point of anxiety for the plugin users. Unfortunately, the TeamCity plugin is less popular than other CI plugins and gets updated less frequently as a result. I get how that works and am not asking to change that. What I would love is for the plugin to download the latest version of SauceConnect instead of bundling it, if possible. That way it can check for updates on a schedule or just before the main part of the build starts. If that's too complicated, then create a management area for the plugin and allow us to configure where the SauceConnect binary is. This way we can upgrade at our pace.


Either way, it would mean less maintenance for the plug in overall.

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  • Aug 22 2016
  • Future consideration
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