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RHEL LE-specific build of Sauce Connect for IBM Power Servers

I am with the IBM ISV support team.  Our mutual customer, American Express, is running Jenkins on RHEL 7.1 LE on IBM Power8 servers.  Amex is moving test to their existing Sauce Labs Enterprise environment.  A Jenkins plugin is required (sauce-ondemand) & needs to be ported to Power. 


Via a support ticket that I submitted to Sauce Labs, Amex was advised to:  1) test the current sauce-ondemand connector, as it should work as is and 2) if necessary, request of Sauce Labs formal support for the subject platform.


We in IBM would like to have the support formally acknowledged on the Sauce Labs website.  Let me know pls how best to raise and advance the request.   I can be reached at 512.565.0602, if a telecon is preferred.


07/19 Update:  Customer has determined and IBM confirmed that a ppc specific binary is required to connect to Sauce Labs.  IBM now refining the existing enhancement request to note the need for port.

  • Charlie Johnson
  • Jul 6 2016
  • Will not implement
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  • Chiarng Lin commented
    12 Sep, 2016 07:19am
    Thanks for making time for our call today. I rounded back to the integration team regarding whether the proposed setup - 
    • Sauce Jenkins plugin on PowerPC master server
    • Sauce Connect client on x86 slave server
    would work, and our developers told me it should work. The Jenkins plugin is written in Java, so it'll run in the JVM regardless of what the underlying architecture is. The Sauce Connect client is different and requires an x86 architecture. There should be no problem with having SC run on a slave machine where the build is running. 

    Again, due to the low usage of Power architecture servers in our customer population, porting our Sauce Connect client over to ppc-specific binaries is not on our roadmap/backlog. We apologize for the inconvenience, and recommend setting up x86 boxes for running Sauce Connect