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Add a command line flag for redirect doamins

For some of the use cases, we need Sauce connect proxy to redirect the requests received on certain source domains to a target domain. Because the source domain is a fake domain that our DNS server can not resolve. 


Please add a new command line flag like:

--redirect-domains <source_domains> <target_domain>


Please support wild cards in the source domain names.



--redirect-domains *.lightning.*   test,


 As Sauce connect proxy is already interpreting domains to support other existing command line flags like below, this is easy to achieve on the Sauce connect proxy side:

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  • Sep 30 2019
  • Will not implement
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  • Jean Sandberg commented
    17 Oct, 2019 10:23pm

    Thank you Venkata!


  • Guest commented
    17 Oct, 2019 10:12pm

    Thanks to Aaron Evans. 

    We are able to achieve this functionality by using Browser Mob proxy where we can define domain rules.

    We can pass the browsermob proxy  via a pac file to sauce connect proxy.


    Please refer to the Git hub  -

  • Jean Sandberg commented
    17 Oct, 2019 08:41pm


    Thank you for submitting this in Aha! I know we had some suggestions via a separate thread and would be curious to know the outcome?