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Allow on device localhost resolution for local proxies

Currently if you enable a Sauce Connect tunnel on an Android device there is no way to allow your application to talk to `localhost` relative to the Android device itself.

I work in the video playback field. Multiple libraries set up local proxies around video content to handle DRM, ad injection or other features. At the moment if you use Sauce Connect and try to use these libraries it will try to resolve `localhost` relative to the tunnel server. So playback will fail.

I would like the ability to configure the device/Sauce Connect to resolve localhost relative to the device itself so it is possible to use local proxies while tunneling other traffic.

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  • Jan 30 2019
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  • Jean Sandberg commented
    18 Jul, 2019 04:57pm

    Hello! I talked to the Sauce Connect developers and they said that the general workaround for this is to map another host name to localhost. if the libraries are configurable to use another host name this would work. You can use or add a static host that maps to something like `lh`