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Allow connections to websocket servers, launched with pre-run executables

Our use case is that we need to connect to a WebSocket server, launched inside the testing VM, using the pre-run executable. Despite looking like a common use case this is not possible currently, when using SauceConnect tunnel.


It seems all traffic goes through the tunnel, so it can not reach the local machine.

A possible solution could be to introduce some alias for a VM localhost, like "vm_local_host" or a dedicated IP address, which will be bypassing the SauceConnect tunnel.


All relevant information can be found in the ticket #47020

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  • Feb 5 2018
  • Will not implement
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  • Jean Sandberg commented
    18 Jul, 2019 04:55pm

    Thank you for submitting this request. After reviewing the Zendesk ticket, and speaking with our Support Lead, this is a particular use case and request that we have not hear from any other customers. I'm sorry to have to say that we will not be implementing this feature request.

    Best regards,

    Jean (Sauce Connect Product Manager)