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Include hostname of the machine running the tunnel in Saucelabs

We would like to see the hostname of the machine running the tunnel in Saucelabs.  Whenever we have a support request, and logs are requested we have to go to each server, and check the logs to see if it matches the tunnel ID.  It should be extremely easy for you guys to pull the host name from SauceConnect, and display it in the dashboard.  I would imagine that we are also not the only people to request this.

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  • Nov 27 2017
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    Zuzana Bodíková commented
    30 Nov, 2020 06:14pm

    Hi kaminee, please refer to for modifications needed for your test script.

  • kaminee Bodakhe commented
    19 Nov, 2020 12:14pm

    i want to give saucelab hostname in my script where i can find it in my saucelab account?

  • Guest commented
    10 Mar, 2019 02:55pm

    No, this is not what I was asking for. I was asking for the hostname of the SauceConnect tunnel, not the Maki server. Also, you removed the TunnelID from this page now.

  • Jean Sandberg commented
    26 Feb, 2019 06:56pm

    Hello Jereme-

    We have recently released a new Tunnels page, and one of the columns you will see is the Sauce hostname. Does this meet your needs?


  • Guest commented
    28 Nov, 2017 12:05am

    Hi Chandra,

    We have 4 SauceConnect Hosts currently, and only run one tunnel on each.  We run them in the HA setup.



  • Chandra Yalangi commented
    27 Nov, 2017 11:59pm

    Hi Jereme,

     Thank you for the feedback. Can you please provide a few additional details.

    - How many Sauce Connect hosts do you have? 

    - How many tunnels do you run on each Sauce Connect host?

    Thank you,


    PM Sauce Connect