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Webapp performance profiling during tests run

This should be implemented as a POC add could be added to the product at a later stage.

We could gather some performance stats during tests runs. This would allow our customers see how the changes in their code affect their application performance. There are two types of metrics we could start gathering:
- VM mem/cpu usage (to see how much resources browser is consuming)
- performance stats from the browser - for example chrome gives access to lots of performance data 

Having that data we could:
- alert user when his app performance changes dramatically (perf regression)
- draw graphs how perf of the app changes over time
- give our users insight into perf of their website (they could see which parts of their webapp could need improvement etc.)

Also, we discussed that with Adam and Jonathan a bit so I bet they've got some ideas too. I heard that prospective customers John talked with were also asking about that. 

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  • Jul 3 2014
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  • Justin Raczak commented
    3 Jul, 2014 04:21pm

    I swear you are a mind-reader with some of these! :)

    In addition to this there is a ticket in the queue now for making the HAR file from Chrome available as an asset download from tests. The download was the basic MVP. The idea for the next step is parsing out some of the data in the HAR file and displaying it on the job page.

    Everything you've listed out here is awesome - expect this to be moving through the pipeline within the next quarter. Thanks for submitting these awesome ideas.

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