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Live Testing - App Testing - Allow deletion, renaming of App Uploaded

When uploading Apps for App Testing, NOT Real Devices Testing, there is no mechanism to delete or rename an app previously uploaded. It's also not clear that the REST API supports doing this programmatically. Each new build should be able to uploaded manually and programmatically but also deleted. First request is to implement this functionality in the UI.

  • Erl Egestad
  • Mar 6 2020
  • Planned
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  • Admin
    Amir Rozenberg commented
    26 Mar 10:29am

    Hi Erl,

    We do not typically commit to specific future dates as shifting market dynamics and business priorities may disrupt the plan and create a sense of false expectations. At the moment it is planned in the near future, but that could change.

  • Erl Egestad commented
    25 Mar 10:21pm

    Great to hear. Is there any update on timing relative to your roadmap items per quarter.

  • Asaf Saar commented
    9 Mar 02:29pm

    Thanks, this one is on our 2020 roadmap.