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View-only accounts, or a more secure way of sharing tests publicly

The current way to share tests does not require credentials to view the shared test.

A view only account feature would potentially login to saucelabs and view video record of test execution but without the ability to delete test execution results or act on open tunnels etc.


publicly share tests but credentials would be needed to open/view the test. Such credentials would not allow to login to Sauce Labs so to speak, but when accessing execution link and being prompted credential popup, then inputing these would grant access to view execution in simple mode (no selenium details etc...).

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  • Jan 24 2020
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    Amir Rozenberg commented
    31 Jan 03:07pm


    You can share a test today without making it public, requiring the viewer to be logged in. In addition, you can have a set of users to be part, temporarily or permanently of a team that has no concurrency, effectively a read-only group.