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Support iOS application crash logs

Support iOS application crash logs on simulators.

The following folder on Mac OS contains application crash logs and it will be helpful if the logs are made available to users.

Crash logs provide useful information - call stacks of all threads, summary of memory usage, registers - to help debug the crash.


Chandra-Yalangi-SL0294:DiagnosticReports chandrayalangi$ ls
Hello App_2018-06-08-054123_Chandra-Yalangi-SL0294.crash
Hello App_2018-06-08-054443_Chandra-Yalangi-SL0294.crash
Hello AppUITests-Runner_2018-06-06-141445_Chandra-Yalangi-SL0294.crash
Hello AppUITests-Runner_2018-06-06-141522_Chandra-Yalangi-SL0294.crash
  • Chandra Yalangi
  • Jun 8 2018
  • Shipped
  • Dec 12, 2018

    Admin response

    iOS application crash logs are now captured during tests. Crash logs can found under the Logs tab in Test Details page.

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