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Allow long presses on manual testing

This would allow QA testers to test long presses on manual devices. Long presses are used frequently, so there are a number of functionalities that cannot be tested manually without this ability.

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  • Apr 20 2018
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  • Juan Gatica commented
    13 Nov, 2018 07:28pm

    This also matters to me, in testing split screen support for my tablet app that supports split view mode.  I need to be able to long press on an app in the dock while my app is being displayed, so that I can drag it to the right hand side, and transition to split view mode on iOS 10 and higher.

  • Hari Vocera commented
    13 Nov, 2018 08:23am

    Yes am using real ios devices.

  • Chandra Yalangi commented
    10 Nov, 2018 04:23pm

    Joshua, thank you for the clarification. I will forward the Idea to our real devices Product Manager.

    Hari, are you also referring to real devices?

  • Guest commented
    9 Nov, 2018 05:52pm

    Hey There Chandra, thanks very much for taking a peek here!

    I am specifically talking about TestObject simulator windows which may not have been clear from my initial post, apologies.

    Here is an example device on TestObject that exhibits this behavior

    • OS:iOS 12.1
    • Model number:iPhone6,2
    • ID:iPhone_5S_12_real
    • Location:Europe
  • Chandra Yalangi commented
    9 Nov, 2018 01:22pm

    Hi, I am able to use long press on iOS devices. Here is an example on iPhone 6 simulator using iOS 10.3.

  • Hari Vocera commented
    9 Nov, 2018 07:29am

    This is blocking my test in login page itself on all iOS devices.

    This is very very imp feature for many users. 


    Please look into this issue ASAP.