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Need to test on Silk Browser

We have enough customers using Silk Browser and require to test against this browser.

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  • Mar 9 2017
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  • Asaf Saar commented
    27 May, 2017 04:23pm

    Amazon devices are available on the public cloud and additional can be added to the private one, they will have the Silk Browser available.

  • Chiarng Lin commented
    9 Mar, 2017 08:59pm

    Based on Amazon's description:

    Amazon Silk is a next-generation web browser available only on Fire tablets and phones. Built on a split architecture that divides processing between the client and the Amazon cloud, Amazon Silk is designed to create a faster, more responsive mobile browsing experience.

    Unlike other browsers, Amazon Silk has the vast capacity of Amazon Web Services (AWS) behind it. Using AWS, Amazon Silk analyzes aggregate web traffic patterns, preprocesses pages, and applies predictive algorithms to determine the fastest way to deliver content to the device.

    To minimize latency and page load times, Amazon Silk routes requests through remote proxy servers powered by Amazon EC2. These cloud servers provide high-performance connection speeds and computing power not normally available to a mobile form factor.

    This sounds like a real device feature request. We could probably find the Silk browser APK for x86, but we'd have no way to verify it's safe to use.