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We want to install 2 apps on emulator/ simulators and we want to check interaction between our apps

Hi, We have multiple apps in our company and all apps are interactive ie we will launch App A and through App A we need to launch App B or App C 

To Achieve Above we tried uploading 2nd app to Sauce-Storage and we tried to install our second App from Sauce-storage:secondApp.apk, but we got errors and recently we raised suace ticket 67497 and we got reply like use https URL, but we dont have publicly accessible URL for our Apps, please help us or give us some new feature to achieve this

- In our Local emulators/device we are able to use otherApps appium desired capability and by setting 2nd app path to otherApps capability appium is able to install 2nd app on emulator

- We are aware of setting https url to otherApps capability and we know that it works but we dont have publicly accessible URL to our apps and it is not allowed

- We have a big question in our mind that how Appium app capability is downloading and installing app from sauce-storage:app.apk AND Why cant Appium otherApps capability is not able to download and install 2nd app from sauce-storage:2ndapp.apk (we have uploaded both apps to sauce storage and we git response size + md5)

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  • May 10 2019
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