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Ability to run Automation of Electron apps in Sauce enviroment

Hello, currently we use Sauce for most of our Automation execution for web and mobile. We now have thin client apps build on Electron for the same web application. We are able to run the same automation created for web on the Electron apps running the tests locally but not on Sauce. Therefore, we would like the ability to run the same tests in Sauce environment.

We are able to tweak a bit and able to download and launch the client app in Sauce machine, but some of the Sauce configuration overrides the settings we performed on Sauce machine. Matt Dunn from Sauce can provide more details. 

Request sauce team to prioritize this and support execution of client apps build via Electron.

Please let me know if any more details required.

  • Navin Jammula
  • Jun 14 2016
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  • Derek Ross commented
    5 Mar, 2019 04:54pm

    I have a customer that can use their existing automation for their web project to automate testing their electron application.  The asks is that when running tests on Sauce Labs VDC, that the customer can pass a path to an electron application binary instead of using Chrome browser.

  • Erik Bean commented
    14 Sep, 2016 07:21pm

    @MattDunn Yes, that's the need that our company has also. We would like to point Webdriverio in Suacelabs to a custom chromedriver executable, which is our electron application. See details here:

    Related SauceLabs issue:

  • Matt Dunn commented
    14 Jun, 2016 03:04pm

    Just to clarify, the request here is for the ability to specify and run a custom chrome binary in tests with Sauce Labs.

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