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.mp4 support for downloadable videos

We currently download .flv files and store in our system of record for traceability for each test run on Saucelabs. Because we are a large company with restrictions on tools permitted for use, we don't have a solution to play the .flv files without certain codecs. We would love to get the video files in an .mp4 container that can be played in quicktime or windows medial player

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  • Oct 31 2016
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    12 Feb, 2018 08:35pm

    We at Dell have the same restriction on the software tools we may install and use on our computers. We don't care if it's .mp4 or .avi or some other format. As long as it's playable in Windows Media Player w/o installing and relying on any third party codec or media player we would be a lot happier.