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Allow Manual Selenium API Calls when the browser is in "Breakpoint Mode"

Currently the workflow to debug tests is as follows:

1. You start the automated selenium test (using whatever driver)

2. You go to Saucelabs and watch the video

3. You see that it works in Browser A, because Browser A is also the one on your system to test locally

4. You see that it does not work in Browser B, reasons unknown. It could be the driver, it could be the command or the browser itself that wants a different event to happen.


If you want to debug this, you have to make a modification, run the test again towards Browser B and repeat this step over and over. In lucky cases you could start a test, set the a pause of 2 minutes in your test runner and that will give you 2 minutes.

If I want to debug this locally, it is much simpler. I start selenium without any form of timeout set. I send the commands until the point where I want to debug and then I can send manual selenium commands through an REST API Client (many exist) and test different commands. This helped me debug 2 issues already, but for both I had to figure out how to setup firefox on my system.


My request is as follows:

I'd like to be able to press the "breakpoint" button and still be able to send Selenium API commands. This allows for easy API debugging as Clicking through your app with the API is very different compared to clicking around in the browser.


Examples where I used this:

Drag and drop between iframes

Clicking on certain elements in Firefox behaves differently than chrome for the app that I was testing. Firefox expected a mousedown and mouse-up event while Chrome worked just fine with the given element/{id}/click selenium command. This could be a driver thing, but in any case - it makes debugging really hard.


This feature request was added following a phone call I had with Saucelabs representatives Chris Broesamle & Jim Balestrieri.

This feature would have helped in allowing me to debug support ticket 43031 (certain sequences of API calls were behaving oddly) and would also allow me to dive deeper into the speed of certain commands to verify if the support ticket in 43808 was due to a limited set of commands that are slower or the whole set.



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  • Oct 18 2016
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