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Update your Sauce for Jira plugin so it works with current verisons of JIRA Server

we want results from all our testing tools and processes centralized in JIRA.



Phillip Ramirez (Sauce Labs Help Center)

Jul 3, 2:31 PM PDT

Hello Ben,

Our Jira plugin currently supports Jira server versions 6.0-7.3.9. Our team is investigating into the viability for this plugin on later Jira server versions. If you'd like you can submit this as a feature request in our Ideal Portal ( for further consideration. To increase its priority, up-vote and subscribe to the request. Use the request comment section to directly communicate with the product manager who will be handling the request.




Hollenbeck, Benjamin

Jul 3, 11:12 AM PDT


From: Max Dobeck (Sauce Labs Support) <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 3, 2018 11:00 AM
To: Hollenbeck, Benjamin <>
Subject: Updated: Sauce Labs Ticket 55442: Support for JIRA server 7.10.#


Hi – yes, sorry should have been specific. The Jira plugin.




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  • Jul 14 2018
  • Will not implement
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  • Yaroslav Borets commented
    10 Jul, 2019 11:23pm

    Hi! Unfortunately, we have EOLed our JIRA plugin and won't continue to support it in the future.