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REST api to automate sub-account management

Who would use it?

Administrators of a root (team) account with many sub-accounts.


What would it be used for?

Programmatically performing administrative tasks that may apply to large number of accounts, some ideas include: 

  • Concurrency limits (this may change as license count changes)
  • Parent account (re-organize as your team usage gets larger)
  • Password (lock out accounts that should no longer have access)


Why is this useful?

In the current state, simple administrative tasks can take a considerable amount of time when they need to be applied to a large number of accounts.

Adding a REST api around some/all of the available account management tasks can significantly reduce the time required to perform these bulk tasks.

The SauceLabs platform is all about automation and ease of use, so let's add automated team administration to our capabilities!

  • Eric MacFarland
  • Apr 10 2018
  • Future consideration
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