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Allow setting max number of failed auth attempts per account

SauceLabs/TestObject has extremely (even annoyingly) sensitive checks that block uploading files (and possibly other API operations) after 3 invalid authentication attempts. Moreover, whole account gets blocked (all users) even if just 1 user had invalid auth attempts.

When this happens, it prevents us from being able to upload files to SauceLabs, meaning it effectively prevents us from using SauceLabs, until customer support resets that counter for us which takes 1-2 days.

Please provide one of the following abilities:

  • Allow customers to set max number of invalid auth attempts before account gets blocked. 3 is ridiculously low.

  • Allow customers reset the invalid auth attempts counter via the UI so that they don't have to wait for customer support person to do it for them.

This is the command we use for file upload:

curl -u "user:$SAUCE_ANDROID_TESTOBJECT_API_KEY" -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/octet-stream" -H "App-Active: false" --data-binary @/Users/username/path.apk

  • Zhenya Ragulin
  • Aug 10 2020
  • Future consideration
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  • Zhenya Ragulin commented
    12 Aug 05:41pm

    After talking to support more, it appears that there is a workaround: when you reach the failed attempts limit, you should get an email allowing to reset the auth counter. You need to ask support to set the email in TestObject for you (the UI doesn't allow it, and it's not being set automatically when you sign up for SauceLabs).