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Add the ability to read data from JIRA when creating a bug

In a nutshell, We need the ability to read data from JIRA (I,e: a "Story problem" (Bug) ) and use it as a basis to generate a JIRA bug within Test Objects. Currently, Test Objects bug creation only provides the ability to write to JIRA and not read from it. Hence, there is no bi-directional synchronization.

Here’s an example use case we are requesting:

1. User creates a “New Issue” in Test Object

2. User is able to Search for an existing story number to generate the bug against.

3. User is able to then generate a custom issue type (our team uses a custom JIRA issue type named “Story Problem” rather than “Bug” when generating defects). So, in this case, the user would enter the story problem under the story they identified within their search.

4. User submits the issue and it’s created in JIRA

5. If a user updates the issue, the updated details are also synchronized with the bug generated/residing in Test Objects

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  • Jun 11 2018
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