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allow specific selenium sessions to be preserved past the normal lifetime

In certain cases, our sprints do not allow us to fully investigate issues with specific tests before those sessions are unavailable to us. We could download the logs, but that means we cannot have the full online Sauce experience for debugging.

Being able to identify a small number of sessions to preserve, even at the cost of a shorter lifetime for recent sessions, would afford us more calendar time to debug the sessions that are important to us.

  • Steve Almy
  • Nov 11 2020
  • Needs review
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  • Steve Almy commented
    13 Nov 10:18pm

    Hi Amir,

    For these non-urgent tests, we would benefit from having the full interactive debug experience for a couple months, and only for a few runs that we would flag explicitly.

    Having the metadata beyond 30 days doesn't help us to debug, without the commands and logs, which seem to follow the same 30-day retention policy.


  • Admin
    Amir Rozenberg commented
    13 Nov 04:24pm


    Today the retention policy for test assets is 30 days. The test metadata, commands etc. are kept for a year. Do you believe these timings should change?

    Thank you!